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Updated: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 22:28




League chairman David Young has today issue urgent advice to all clubs regarding an important update for TCS9 - the programme used for laptop scoring.

Last weekend a number of clubs tested the system and a few bugs were detected. These have been worked on by CricHQ who have updated the software to resolve the issues.

To ensure that we get off to a good start with laptop scoring and its integration to the Cric HQ it is important that the procedure outlined below is followed by all clubs.

It is appreciated that club and league officials have put a lot of time and effort into getting set up for the new season and we thank them for their efforts.

Last week, with assistance from CricHQ, David Young installed TCS9 on 78 computers and registered them for live scoring. This had proved troublesome because of a decision taken last year not to update all of the league's computers to Windows 10

Young said: "Thank you for all your help and support. CricHQ is the world leading cricket management platform and once any teething troubles are resolved it will be a platform we can use for a long time to come.

"This year has involved a lot of work for both league and club officials but it will reduce work in the long term so please follow the instructions above as a matter of urgency."

There are essentially four pieces of key advice in the directive issued today.

1 TCS9 must be updated to the latest version before 9pm on Friday.
2 All your clubs players need to be allocated to your two teams.
3 All scorers must have a scorebook or score sheets available in their scorebox in case of a system problem.
4 We now have a dedicated CricHQ service back up and problems should be notified to them and not to league officials as we pay for the service.


Update TCS to the latest version which was released today. This version contains a fix to a previous problem that was causing TCS to crash when downloading some fixtures. You MUST therefore update before you try to download any fixture. Updating is simple, make sure that your computer is connected to the internet and open TCS. You will be asked if you want to download the latest version, click yes and follow the instructions. I have included a step by step guide with this email.

  1. It is imperative that registered players are put into teams on CricHQ.  We talked about this, at length, on Thursday and many clubs have not yet done this. Again it is essential that you put all your registered players into both your senior teams to avoid a problem for you on match days. If you don't do this your scorer will not be able to see them when the fixture downloads. This is covered in the presentation that I sent out last week, again I have attached a copy.
  2. Make sure that you have a working internet connection ready for Saturday. Top up any dongles and test them. Don't leave it until the last minute please.
  3. Have a scorebook ready. This is a new system and there are bound to be a few issues. We will be unable to support everyone on Saturday if you all call us, so if things don't work please do not panic. If the worst happens just score in a scorebook and enter the result manually at the end of the match and we will sort the issues out later. The most important thing is to get an accurate record of the game by whatever means. All clubs must have a scorebook or pages available in the scoreboard for this type of scenario.
  4. This document is also being passed to umpires and they are requested to hold up the game if scorers report an issue until it is either resolved or scoring is set up in a scorebook. They are also requested to check that you are entering the correct points at the end of the game. A guide to the points system has been produced. This should be printed and displayed in your scoreboard.
    Click to view the points guide
  5. Second teams. If you are using TCS to score second team games you must be using version 9 updated to the latest version (as above) and have our database installed on it, along with a live scores license. If this has not been done by me than it is unlikely to work. You may use the CricHQ app for iOS or Android if you wish.
  6. Premier League first teams only must have a printer available for DLS. Please make sure it is installed and working.
  7. Heavy Woollen Cup fixtures will now be available to download from CricHQ in the same way as league fixtures meaning you can score them on the laptop. You will, however have to enter non Bradford League teams’ players manually.
  8. Please bear with us. We are all new to this and it is work in progress. If you don't see live scores or results on the website don't panic please. We will be working to resolve things. Please don't call us unless absolutely necessary. CricHQ have someone on hand to assist. Kishen’s contact details are included below and he should be the first port of call. We have paid for this service so please use it rather than calling me or other officials if possible.

 In case of issues contact:

  1. CricHQ / TCS support. Kishen Pillay. Tel  +27 (0)84 488 9386 (use text or what’s app as he is based in South Africa) or go to
  2. Brian Pearson Tel 07867 780678 (Emergency Only)

CricHQ Support should always be your first port of call with any issues.


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