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Updated: Sunday, January 17, 2016 17:43
John Virr and Simon Purdy
League secretary John Virr, left, and his wife Janet, met up with former Hanging Heaton and Liversedge spinner Simon Purdy at the Wanderers Ground in Johannesburg watching England beat South Africa by seven wickets to win the Test series

League secretary John Virr was delighted to meet up with former Hanging Heaton and Liversedge left-arm spinner Simon Purdy while watching England beat South Africa in the third Test in Johannesburg.

Purdy, who now lives in America and travels around the world with his work, caught up with Virr during the lunch interval on the eventful third day.

Purdy had heard that Virr, who has scored for many years for Hanging Heaton, was going to the Test match, but it still needed a call to England to set up the reunion.

Hanging Heaton secretary Andrew Hunt said: "I had a call from Simon asking for John's number so that he could get in touch. What with England winning it must have been a great day for them."

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