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Updated: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 21:06
Hanging Heaton trees
Before and after. This picture shows just how much was lopped from each of the poplar trees at Bennett Lane



Hanging Heaton have undertaken some extensive groundwork as the new All Rounder Cricket Bradford Premier League draws near.

The Poplar trees at the Fox and Hounds end of Bennett Lane have had a major makeover with around 15 feet been chopped off. Hanging Heaton employed local firm DC Ground and Tree Care to help with the project, which had been around 18 months in planning.

Hanging Heaton trees
Tree surgeon Declan carries out the lopping
ing Heaton trees
Declan at work with the tree lopping
Hanging Heaton trees
It's more like Hanging on Heaton for the tree surgeon

Stage one of the project saw the old net removed from the tops of the trees, before tree surgeons climbed each individual Poplar cut them down in size and place the debris into a chipper. The final stage saw a Cherry Picker brought onto the outfield to help hoist the repaired net back into place.

Hanging Heaton cricket chairman John Carruthers said: "Declan (the tree surgeon) climbed to the top of the tree and once finished chopping down, literally swung across to the next tree.

"He was between 50 to 60 feet up in the air and it was a quite breathtaking sight to see him hanging there precariously.

"The project took a great deal of planning as there is only a very small window when work can be carried out. You can't do it at the end of a season as any winter storms could damage the net and once the better weather arrives, you have to wait until the outfield is dry enough to get a large cherry picker on.

"We, as a club, were immensely proud to win the ground award last season but there are no resting on our laurels, we are always striving to improve the facilities at Bennett Lane and the experience for visiting players and spectators.

" There have also been changes off the field at Hanging Heaton with Conrad Spivey taking over from Mel Dearden as the club's president. Conrad will take on the roll in an acting capacity until the club's AGM in November, after Mel stood down due to ill health.

Conrad is already looking forward to visiting different grounds and meeting representatives of other Bradford League clubs.  


















Hanging Heaton trees
The finished job with the 20 poplar trees all lopped to a uniform height at Bennett Lane

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