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Transfers: All the moves as they happen
Updated: Saturday, April 16, 2016 22:48
Hopton Mills
The Hopton Mills workforce difgging the trench for the new drainage pipe
Hopton MIlls
The drainage trench

Hopton Mills took advantage of the delayed start to the season to tackle the drainage problem they have encountered at their Woodbottom Ground.

In a bid to cure waterlogging a work force of 20 players and members laid a new drainage pipe the full width of their outfield to get the water away.

The intrepid workers started digging the trench to house the pipe at 9am and finally finished the task at 4.30pm.

The trench had to be back filled with pea gravel before the turf was relaid.

Club secretary Phil Bland said: " We're hoping that our new pipe will dry the banking thus trying to make it match fit.

" We still may struggle for next weekend, but we're doing everything in our power to get our ground suitable and playable."



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