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Updated: Friday, January 1, 2016 17:24


Dear colleagues

Well, here we go again, I sit writing this message on the eve of a new season bathed in sunlight! Something has gone terribly wrong! As the new chairman of the league I thought it right to give you a few thoughts on the new season.

I would like to start by paying public tribute to my predessesor, Keith Moss MBE. Keith has retired as chairman following a recent illness, This was entirely his decision and as ever Keith has put the league first. He remains as President of the league which I am delighted about. He has always proved wise counsel and I know that he will continue to do so. You will still see him around the grounds during the season.  He has served cricket administration for over 65 years, a truly remarkable feat.

On to the coming season. I welcome new club Scholes to the league and wish them well. I'm sure that you will enjoy your visits to New Popplewell Lane.

This season brings a new system for transmission of results, umpires assessment and ground marking. This will bring you immediate results, tables and averages to the website and will remove the need for manual upload of scorecards and results to the website. Please make sure that those in your club responsible for the above are fully aware of the new system and have a copy of the guides that expalain how to complete these tasks. The new results area will be live from this week, we hope it goes smoothly but we will be on hand to solve any teething issues. It may take you some time to get used to where to find things but we firmly believe that once youre used to it you will love it.

Next registrations, the new results system takes a feed from our registration system so will quickly identify un registered players so please check to make sure that all your players are registered. The registration deadline for tomorrow's games was midnight last night.

We hope that all matches this year will be played in the very best spirit. Bradford League cricket is some of the best in the country, we want it played hard but we want it played fair. Please always show respect for the opposition and umpires, I truly hope that we do not have to hold any disciplinary hearings this year, but rest assured we will act quickly and decisively should the need arise.

Next season the first division will become a ECB accredited premier league. This is an exciting opportunity for all clubs. Please make sure that you continue to work on your club mark accreditation throughout the season, those without it (or almost ready to achieve it) will not be able to play in division 1 next year. We are here to help should you need it.

Finally may I wish you all the very best of luck in the coming season I hope yo enjoy your cricket and that the weather is kind. I look forward to seeing you all as the season progresses.

David Young
Exceutive Chairman

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