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Transfers: All the moves as they happen
Updated: Friday, January 1, 2016 17:15



The league's clubs tonight voted by a clear majority to approve the proposal for the Central Yorkshire League to merge with the JCT600 Bradford League.

The proposal was carried by 20 votes to four with one abstention at an extraordinary general meeting at Pudsey Congs.

League chairman David Young, who has published a discussion document to clubs last month, outlined the proposal to the meeting.

The plan is the for the two leagues to form a partnership in 2016 with a full merger being completed in readiness for 2017.

Under the planned new structure there will be two championship divisions comprising of current Division Two clubs and teams from the Central Yorkshire Premier Division. One team from each section will be promoted to the new Bradford Premier League with the bottom two being relegated.

It is planned that the two championship divisions will be regionalised and beneath them will the two Conference divisions made up of the remaining Central Yorkshire League clubs.

After the vote chairman Young said: "I am delighted that the clubs have supported this new vision for cricket in West Yorkshire.

"This isn't just about the clubs who will make up the Premier League, this is also about improving the level of competition beneath it. We want a clear pathway for aspirational clubs to enable them to reach the top."

"This is a plan which gives an exciting framework for the future."

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