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Transfers: All the moves as they happen
Updated: Friday, January 1, 2016 17:06


All of the league's netbook computers are being updated with the latest version of Total Cricket Scorer in readiness for the new season.

New live scores licences have also been purchased and are currently being loaded onto all of the machines which will be returned to clubs at a special meeting for scorers at Pudsey Congs on Thursday, April 17 at 7.30pm. The player database will also be updated.

League Development Officer Alan Birkinshaw said: "We wanted our scorers to have the most up to date software and the recently released TCS Version 7 has been purchased for every club.

"We only received the licences last week so we are currently completing the task of installing the software on every machine. We thank everybody for their patience and assure them that all of the machines will be updated and ready for collection at the meeting on April 17."

Clubs who do not have WIFI in their scorebox are reminded of the need to buy a dongle for the new season. If any club or scorer require help with installing the software help will be available at the scorers meeting.

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