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Transfers: All the moves as they happen
Updated: Friday, January 1, 2016 16:39



A loab player scheme for junior players was among four rule changes approved at the 2014 annual general meeting at Pudsey Congs.

The Management Board's proposal, which had been defeated on a straw poll at the rules revision meeting in September, was voted in 15-14.

Rules regarding first team players in second team cricket and regarding teams causing late starts have been tightened up.

The rule requiring teams to purchase eight teas has been replaced. Now the Management Board will agree a set fee which visiting clubs have to pay to their opponents before the match gets underway.

Rule 21 Player Qualification Proposed Management Board 2nd Woodlands
Not more than one player who has played in more first team matches (League and cup) than 2nd Xi games will not be allowed to take part in the final six second team games of the season at any one time.
For 24 Aainst 6

Rule 31 Late Starts Proposed Management Board Seconded Bradford & Bingley
Add new scond paragraph
In any such circumstances, the toss will be dispensed with and the non offending side will have choice of innings.
For  24 Against 6

Rule 23 Loan player proposed Management Board Seconded Brighouse
To assist clubs in fielding a full side of eleven players, clubsc who wish to do so, will be allowed to register a maximum of six players, non overseas, aged 17 or under, prior to the scheduled start of the season, who are prepared to play in an emergency for another club’s second team without transfer regulations being applied. Such registrations will be indicated on a club’s list of registered players as loan players.
Those players taking part must give their consent and be registered as a loan player by their clubs no later than the Thursday deadline before the start of the season. No addition can be be made to this category of player after the above deadline. In the event of loan players being utilised, both clubs involved should notify details of the player (s) to the Registration Facilitator by noon on the dasy of the matc.
For 15  Against 14

RULE 33 tea interval Proposed Hanging Heaton seconded Yeadon
Insstread of the visiting club shall order (and pay for) a minimum of eight teas., We should change the rule to read. The visiting club shall pay as set amount foor tea to be paid before the game. (The amount to be set by the management board)
For 18  Against 10

Rule 30 Stoppages for weather Proposed HH seconded Idle
Change the rule to read; Once a match has commenced No overs shall be deduccted from either side should rain intervene. Once the umpires deem the ground fit following a rain delay, the match will resume from the point at which it was halted. The umpires will have the sole control at which point the match will be abandoned should bad light come into force later in the evening.
For 11 Against 17

Rule 36 Championship Points proposed Pudsey Congs seconded Brighouse
1st innings 5 batting points anmd five bowling points
2nd innings 10 points for a win. No batting points and bowling points. If rained off 5pts each plus any bonus points.
For 4 Against 24.

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