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Sunday, March 9, 2014 21:47

During the close season the Management Board have consulted with all stakeholders regarding the league's Disciplinary Code.

The aim is to improve conduct both on and off the field by defining the responsibilities of captains, players and club officials for ensuring the game is played in the right spirit.

It is also important that  umpires are treated with respect. The new policy allows for umpires to impose a five run penalty where the conduct of captains and their players fall below the standards set out in the ECB Code of Conduct and Spirit of Cricket.

This penalty can only be imposed on any team once in a match. The league's new disciplinary committee of Brian Pearson (Chairman), Alan Carter, Ziarat Hussain and Rodney Heyhoe will oversee the implementation of the new procedures which will also greatly reduce the amount of time taken in dealing with individual cases.

A new discipline section has been introduced on this website. It provides full details of the new disciplinary procedures including the ECB Spirit of Cricket, Code of Conduct , procedures for disciplinary hearings, a tariff of punishments, the league's anti-racism statement and notice for club dressing rooms, The findings of all hearings will be published too,

All clubs should display the disciplinary code notice and Anti racism statement in their home dressing room. Everybody is urged to play their part and help eradicate the sort of behaviour which has no place in the JCT600 Bradford League.

Disciplinary Code Dressing Room notice Anti-Racism statement
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