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Transfers: All the moves as they happen
Updated: Friday, January 1, 2016 16:09



Reg Nelson, who rewrote all of the club histories for the league website this winter, will be the guest on this Sunday's JCT600 Bradford League Round Up on BCB Radio at 11am

He will be discussing the cricket histories project with presenters Alan Douglas and David Ratcliffe and
will appeal for any information, memorabilia and pictures which will enhance the league's historical record.

The programme goes out at 11am on 106.6 fm or on the internet at

BCB's Listen again service means you can continue to access the programme up to four weeks after it was first broadcast.

Details can be found on the by clicking the Listen Again icon on the home page.

If your club has a forthcoming event you can have details broadcast during the programme or you can visit the studio and promote it live on air. If you would like to do this please contact Alan Douglas email

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