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Updated: Friday, January 1, 2016 16:06



Nine members of Cleckheaton Cricket Club are taking on a special fund-raising challenge on April 1 and it's certainly no joke.

They will be tackling the April Fools Walk which will see them trek over the North Yorkshire Moors from Goatland to Whitby and back down the Cleveland Way the following day in an estimated 35 miles round trip.

Their aim is to generate funds for St James’s Hospital Liver and Kidney Unit in Leeds and the club's cricket section, and the walk has special meaning for committee man Mark Robinson.

In July 2004 he had a life-saving liver and kidney operation at St James’s. Although he makes light of his past health issues and is reticent to discuss what was at the time a major operation, he holds the charity close to his heart . Mark, who will be joined on the walk by his son Joe, said. "The walk is an opportunity to give a little bit back.

"St James's is an amazing place where they have amazing people working there. You can be given 48 hours to live and four weeks later you can be walking out of there with a life extension. The walk is a small way of saying thank you and the one thing that I will always remember is that whilst celebrating an extra 10 years, someone, somewhere, is remembering someone that they lost a decade ago."

Thankfully, Mark is, at almost 50, a picture of health but he makes sure that he retains his fitness with regular runs whilst the rest of the walking team have also been doing a bit of training.

Joining Mark and his son Joe will be Cleckheaton's Cricket Chairman Dave Worrall, Emma Wood wife of first team captain John, 71-year-old groundsman and treasurer Keith Johnstone, first team batsman Richard Whitehurst plus Angie Ainsworth, Anthony Stott and Kevin Mitchell.

Peter Heaps, whose grandson is currently receiving treatment at St James's, is transporting the walkers to their starting point at Goatland in his red London bus. The walkers are currently getting sponsorship and Mark Robinson says his individual target is £1,000.

Mark have been touched by the number of donations which have been linked with a comment from someone who has had a family member or close friend go through similar problems to him.and want to say thank you for the marvellous work done by the surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff at St James’s.

Details of how you can sponsor the walkers can be found at

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