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Updated: Friday, January 1, 2016 16:38
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson, right, and Alex Towler pictured at last week's Sovereign HealthCare Priestley Shield final


Groundsman Richard Robinson is hoping he doesn't have another sleepless night this Saturday as he prepares to complete what is believed to be a unique double.

Last Sunday the JCT600 Bradford League's all-time record runscorer produced a pitch for Sunday's Sovereign Health Care Priestley Shield final between Hanging Heaton and Pudsey St Lawrence at Keighley.

Now he is busy preparing the pitch on which Sunday's Sovereign Health Care Priestley Cup final between Cleckheaton and Pudsey St Lawrence will be played at Undercliffe.

Last Saturday night he slept in a car at the Keighley ground so that he could make sure the pitch remained covered and the weather couldn't spoil his work.

It was something he had done the previous week when rain on the morning of the game led to the match being put back seven days.

Looking ahead to Sunday's game he said: "I hope the weather is more favourable, but if it isn't I will sleep at the ground. I am happy that we can produce a good pitch, but I don't want to see it spoiled."

Robinson, who splits his time between tending to his home pitch at Keighley and Undercliffe could well be the first groundsman to have prepared cup and shield final pitches in the same week.

He admitted: "I don't suppose too many people have ever done it. I was concerned that last week's pitch might have been past its best as it had been prepared for the previous week, but it played perfectly."

There has been widespread acclaim for the way Keighley presented their ground for the Priestley Shield final. League president Keith Moss said: "The wicket was excellent, the outfield looked a picture and the off the field arrangements were first class, hats off to Keighley. They really put on a show."

Hanging Heaton, who beat Pudsey St Lawrence by five wickets to win the Shield for a second-successive year, were full of praise too. Their secretary Andrew Hunt said: "The ground looked great and we are all wondering how Richard Robinson managed to cut his outfield so short."

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